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Barney Barker works with our trusted partners to ensure our customers get the highest quality services and products.

Heating Systems

Barney barker oil carries without- tank OWT - Oil Fired Water Boiler


Williamson provides high-quality residential boilers, furnaces, commercial heating products or air conditioning equipment.

barney barker oils carries Weil McClain


Weil-McClain carries a wide selection of top-notch heating products.

Barney barker oil carries the EFM Warm Air Furnace


EFM makes commercial and residential heating boilers and furnaces.

Barney barker oil carries Oil-Fired Residential and Light-Commercial Water Heaters


Bock is an employee-owned heater company. Each employee has a personal stake in providing customers an exceptional product experience. The result is a culture where product quality and customer satisfaction is an obsession!

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